Why Crafting Tables are a better Alternative to Vending Machines

Crafting Tables are EXTREMELY useful. They take up less space, and while the Crafting Table does have more memory, the recipes only take up 15 memory. Having a crafting table and 5 crafting recipes is a lot cheaper than 5 vending machines. If you want a memory-efficient map, the Crafting Table is the way to go.
Screenshot 2024-01-23 10.06.20 AM
250 memory means you use over 1000 memory for five.
Screenshot 2024-01-23 10.06.31 AM
Screenshot 2024-01-23 10.06.40 AM
However, a Crafting Table with five recipes is only 325 memory. Much more efficient.
It also makes systems that require many devices, such as a farming-style minigame, much easier, as you use less devices overall.


Also noting the crafting table and recipe are now two devices instead of making many devices at once, making it simpler and easier to use.

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Wowzers! You could technically make multiple vending machines inside the crafting tables for less memory!

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that makes it even better :0

You can also (theoretically) make teleporting menu but you cant set the ingredient amount to 0

No you cant.
the reason why is simple:
You can only detect when ANY crafting recipe is done, not just one
If you could, you could just use a crafting recipe that crafts itself
1 cash for 1 cash

You can throught the recipe device.
You can’t specify where you’ll go to though.

Really? last time I checked, no wires or channels can connect to the recipe, like camera zones

You cant connect anything FROM nor TO the table, you can connect a button to recipe to enable/disable it (craftable/uncraftable) and from it you get the option to see if something is being crafted, finished being crafted, collected, or expired.

Your right.

Josh won’t tell us about hotfixes, my cries have been answered quitely

what are you guys talking about? teleporting?

Yeah, I wish he made the option to send a channel instead of an item, like the vending machine tho.

but hey

maybe he should add names to the recipe.

Kinda, I was telling that you can do that with the crating table.


actually you can wire a teleporter straight to the recipe