Why can't I edit my posts? And how do I delete them?

For some reason, I can’t edit my posts like I used to. And I also don’t know how to delete my posts. Can someone help me?

You may have ran out of editing time.

There’s an editing post time limit.

@Morepeko8 u need an admin on you-know-what to reinvite me there.

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Make another post and see if you can edit it. If you can’t, then you know it isn’t just the editing post time limit, but it should be.

What’s editing post time limit?

After a certain amount of time, you won’t be able to edit a post.

why wat that for???/

To prevent something like this happening:

Me: “Says something”
Others: “Have a long discussion about what I said”
Me: Changes original post to completely change the meaning of the discussion

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