Why can't I buy it?

I want to access my maps that are being stored but for some reason, it says that I have the pass even thought I don’t.
Screenshot 2023-12-06 3.20.46 PM

bug, reload and try again, they are trying to fix it

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Known bug. Just wait.


There is a bug that josh and the devs are patching, you will have your pass rewards in a little while.

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I haven’t bought it yet, I want to tho.

It’s working now. Just reload.

That is the other thing, if you had it last season it says you have it, but you don’t it will fix soon.

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Still says the same thing.

Just wait…

you have to wait a little bit, things take time to fix.

Just log out and log back in.


Thanks, it worked!
Screenshot 2023-12-06 3.32.31 PM


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