Why can't I build in a game

I can’t build in a game.

Did you try reloading?

you can’t build in the middle of a game you have to end the game then start building again

Yes I actually did that twice now.

Refresh? Shut down? Make another world?

Ok maybe I’ll try that.

This would be in bugs. Not help.

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Are you building in-game, or in edit mode?

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well, I think it would be in both

No, things like this are in bugs because it is something wrong with the game, not something you need help to know how to do.

I’m not tl3 so I can’t edit your topics. Pls stop assuming I’m doing that.

You aren’t sorryy for confusion.

Try the stuff up above, quickly skimmed.

Maybe just restart your device entirely, shut it down, heck even clear your cache! just search up an online tutorial to do that.

Hopefully that works.

thanks for the help it worked.

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If you’re on another person’s game, you can’t build because they didn’t give permissions for you to build yet.

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