Why blocks, why?!

Well it seems that this bug also happened to @RandomKid, and well the bug is that I have a system to update a property every second and well for some reason it doesn’t work. The property is changed using another property and it is all good(I check everything!!!), but for some reason it doesn’t update!!!


So my game has many bugs to do with properties and well if someone could help me check everything is good that would be helpful. @Blackhole927 @getrithekd

All i know is, blocks can betray you by being buggy. This has happened before the Launch of Gimkit Season 1.

Do you use recursion to do it? If so, it might stop after a bit. If you use a repeater, I need more details.

This is the first time it happens…

I use a repeater.
Lifecycle(Event, Game start) ----> Repeater(Task interval, 1.0) ----> Item granter (block code) grant player cash(custom amount, cps) (cps = get property CPS) and that’s basically it. The CPS property is updated with upgrades, which are bought with cash.

Ok. The game start lifecycle has to first trigger a relay that is for everyone. Lifecycle game start only affects the game host


I am playing it with no alts and only the main acc, but even then it still doesn’t work. I will try what you said.

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Ok. Let me think.

Omg lol. I am soooooo sorry I just figured out that the cash was going up and that there are no issues lol. I just forgot to update a overlay that shows the cash. Thank you.

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Oof. At least we fixed a different mistake.

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