Why arent there new items in gimkit creative?

I mean about how there arent alot of items, for example new weapons.

why is no one helping me :frowning:

what do you need help with?

@LegendaryAceX maybe the developers are too busy to make new items since they also deal with season pass the shop and new gamemodes

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The developer’s plan for creative updates generally is as follows
Release main game
Release creative features a bit after
So new items will generally follow new updates around official gamemodes.

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You can add item suggestions here!

They might be busy fixing bugs for Season 1. Try to be patient, since it would take a long time.

No, they’re making a platformer mode:

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Yeah, i forgot to mention that.

sorry but what exactly is platforming?

It’s a 2D gamemode. Check this out:

so its 2d i dont like mean gimkit 2d but like accualy

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