Why am I not taking damage?

I have lasers and they show and hide but when I’m in the laser it doesn’t do damage
Screenshot 2024-01-07 6.57.09 PM

Did you reload?

Is it activated on start? If not click on the laser and go down from featured to activate on start

I reloaded

but I need it to deactivate on start

Is the laser damage 0?

it’s 20 and if you get hit alot it’s pretty deadly
so it makes the boss hard

If you want it to activate later then you could try :
Not activated on start, and place a zone around the laser to activate it when player gets in zone, then do :
when player in zone transmit on (Channel name) then click on laser and put in on (activate when receiving on…) Channel name and it sould work.

If it shows the line, it’s activated.

Has the game started yet? You can’t take damage in edit.

It’s activated and the game started

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Hm… Could you show the laser settings?

no channels

What is it wired to?
Also, if reloading doesn’t work, I think this isn’t a Bugs and more Help

there’s no wire the is a laser manager

Could you show those settings?

when you don’t move in the middle of a laser path you won’t take anymore damage

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Try this: (Because you don’t want it activated on start right?)
Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Step 5

Step 6 start the game

I don’t think he takes any damage at all.

hmmmmmm that’s weird