Who would wants to be the ranger (reply what name you want to be if you voted)

for my park ranger game who would wants to be the ranger?

  • Yes
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If you voted yes reply and put what name you would like to be
(only one person will be picked)

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What is this for?

For my game

You should do this on Wix, not here

how come @Cellofive can and @unavailible can but when i do it you guys tell me to do it somewhere else

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Show me….

Zvs for my name (20 characters at least so I’m adding this)

ok @Zvstheworld
and ok @Car189

I’m sorry, What is a ranger?

its for my park ranger game @Random_dude123 !

Ranger John

Add my username in the credits if I get picked

Oh, sure I’ll be your park ranger!

what name would you like @Random_dude123.
and im only picking one person
@Random_dude123 your name could be made up if you want

Uhhh, for example I’ll just use Luke Hernandez

so @Random_dude123 you want Park Ranger Luke

I edited my name so see

so guys im going to pick @Random_dude123 because if you read my bio you can see that @Random_dude123 is my idol
and @Random_dude123 can i use Park Ranger Random Dude

Can you add our names to the credits? Just saying.

I’m your Idol???
Also yes

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ok thanks and yes @Random_dude123