Which of these gamemodes should I make first

  • Five nights at Freddy’s Sister location
  • Pokemon
  • Asriel Dreemur fight
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Five nights at Freddy’s Sister location seems pretty cool even though it has been made a lot of times.

  1. Asriel Dreemur fight is to dark to make in gimkit, as it is for younger users.
  2. Five Nights of Freddy’y is copyrighted and always gets unpublished
  3. Pokemon is also copyrighted, but it should be fine if you get permission.
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It has and always gets unpublished for copyright infringement.

Well damn… all of these would probably get copyrighted actually- Unless that last one is a ogrinial idea-

Its not, its a slaughter game all about sparing mercy and stuff, yes i googled it. And please remove

From your post, it is considered a curse word.