Which Map Should I Make First?

I have 3 ideas for maps I want to make. Only 2 will be made.
You Choose Which 2 Are Going To Be Made.
(You can choose 2 options)

  • Cops And Robbers Tag
  • Hide And Seek
  • Maze Builder
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Cops And Robbers Tag: The Cop Tags Robbers, Putting Them In Jail. Other Robbers Can Rescue Them. Cops win If All Robbers Are In Jail. Robbers Win When Time Is Up.
Hide And Seek: I Think You Know This One, But I Will Add Some Features. Abilities For Both Hider And Seeker When Hiders Get Found, Slowly Closing Border, Stats. (K/D Ratio: Win/Lose Ratio)
Maze Builder: A Sandbox Game Where You Claim A Plot And Build A Maze. When Published, Your Maze Can Be Played By Others. Limited Plots Available.
Choose Which 2 Maps You Want Me To Build!
Also Comment Which Map I Should Build First!

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I love the idea and think you should pursue which one you like the best and think wich would be the coolest. :slight_smile:


@ModerateCape86 I think you should do maze builder, but how would you build the maze???

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It would be a grid pattern like this:

(Sorry for the horrible computer drawing)
There Will Be Buttons In Between The Pegs That Activate And Deactivate The Barriers In Between, And They Act As Walls

Ahhhh, ok, that makes sense, Great idea, that would be fun.
also, side note, i did enjoy your infected game

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And also how big would the whole thing be, and what would be the purpose?
also i need to talk to you abt something on archives…

I would have to experiment with different sizes, but I think 30x30 (Pegs) Is Good

@ModerateCape86 Do you have time to work on something with me?
also i think you should still make the maze map!

In Science Taking Notes : p

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Oof, Well let me know when you are able to, imma be on archives.

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can u do the police and robbers one that would be such fun

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@ModerateCape86 Did you ever find out which one you are gonna make?

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Me making Maze Builder when it got the least amount of votes .-.

XD well thats funny, do you need help at all?

i voted for it :slight_smile:

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No, It is just me repeatedly changing channels ._.

:slight_smile: k, will you be able to work on Keep Away 2 later, in like 20 minutes or no
Also, I am very proud to be working with you, you make some good games!

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Thanks, but probably not until study hall

When is study hall?
you never told me.

I honestly don’t know exact time, let me look
11:30-11:55 am Eastern time

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