Which fallout will be chosen

The choice is yours to choose pls vote

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  • Fallout 4
  • Fallout 76
  • Fallout Las Vegas
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What is fallout?

Do you know starfeld


Do you know cyber punk

I have heard of it, never played it.

Well the person that made cyber punk made fallout

Fallout lore is practically a nuclear wasteland survival game

Oh like a zombie apoclypase. so what is the difference between the choices so i can vote.

No there’s no zombies, a nuke drop on a city radiation effect the animals The only thing that is close to the zombie is a goal which is a they don’t have it and affection

oh ok, so what should i vote for?

you mean should!!!

yes, my keyboard is going out so I type wrong.

rgb gaming keyboard?

No Google Chrome keyboard.

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What an amzing statement! Can’t get better then that!

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Remember to mark a solution when you’re poll’s done!

its the GSPO!

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No its GSPO, it was a joke from me about @wingwave because every night he goes to tones of post and ask to mark a solution, so I started calling him GSPO(aka, Gimkit Solution Police Officer).

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