Where it the Player Hitbox?

I am working on a project and was wondering, where is it when the player is registered to be inside of a zone and can a player be in two zones at the same time.

You can test… Let me tes,t @PaddingtonBear

That is not exactly the hitbox, but you technically can be in to zones at once, but it won’t activate each one at the same time.

That’s when you’re registered

Two zones, yes

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Slightly less than halfway in?

That makes a lot of sense.

Yes, but place two zones side by side and walk inbetween them. It will activate only one, not the other eventhough its in the hitbox.

let me see…

Strange, on my end it only works one… maybe its the channel?

I pretty much need the exact location of where in the shadow.

I used wire, but it works

What does this model mean?

So yes, a Player can be in two zones at the same time, even if they aren’t really touching.

The First screenshot shows when they are registered

Well thats good to know, maybe its because they updated the zones and aded circles.

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So then how far away would the zones need to be where the player MUST be in at least one zone but NEVER in both zones.

Let me test

But @PaddingtonBear if you wish to know a gims hit box, the body is a oval slightly smaller than the gim, and its feet are another oval longways for each foot. All addons like ears, flippers, tails, etc do not have a hit baox at all.

About that?
A bit closer, though

Alright thanks that helped a lot but I just realized the problem I had In the game was caused by another problem that is similar so should I continue asking on this post or somewhere else?

Yeah, just ask here