Where is the discord?

It says that it is an invalid link. Can someone give me an invite link?
This is on-topic because it is about gkc. It is a group on gkc updates.

This is of-topic, please mark a solution to avoid flags. Thank you!

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I don’t even have a single response!!!

Doesn’t change that it’s still off-topic.

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Well, until I have a solution, please don’t say mark a solution I am not dumb

Everyone, please do not comment unless you have a solution.

It says that it’s been flagged, so please mark a solution.

@ABCD, this has been flagged for moderation (not me), please mark a solution!

um… I didn’t get a message, so it is you.

So, do you want to just say that?

It does say that when I reply. I didn’t do that tho.

Well, I anyways found the answer!

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@ABCD do what @GimSolver says, you mark a solution because it is off topic, ya don’t ask for solutions to off topic stuff.

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