Where else can I post links to my game besides wixsite?

I’m looking to post a Gimkit link. I want to have some help on my Hunger Games map. It won’t let me use wixsite. Sorry to ask. Hope this isn’t off-topic

You can also post links in the Gimkit Discord Server.
You can create an account using Discord
Then go to Discovery and type Gimkit to find the server.

It won’t let me use it…

Try the Padlet. I am not so sure about it so yet, but I thought someone sent me the link to it last time. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

Padlet links can often be found in usercards, if you see one click it.

Test if site blocked: https://padlet.com

Does this work @Artemis ?

Thank you! I will post it now. Anyone is welcome to help!

Wait…It just puts me on a homescreen.

Well, you can start by signing up! I just started a while ago…

I did. It didn’t work.

Did you press on sign up or login?

Because you don’t have to log in if you don’t want to. I can send you a link where you can post your game modes!

Please tell me if it works out! . If login or sign up fails, press on this link I made in Padlet: https://padlet.com/goldenretriever2216/shelf-dtqj8i8vmeti4vb4

Okay, no problem if I helped you. Does the link work for you?

Is this the replacment for my padlet due to the deletion of it?

yes, I think so

hidden message

hi wolf, nice to see you again!

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badkarma has one that is being used

oh ok, mind if you can get a link for me?

sure in a sec
btw: what happened to yours?

here’s the link:

password: Gimkit

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you forgot the passcode