Whenever I try to make a new draft, it just reverts me back to the guide I'm working on

I am working on a voting system for Among Us. I want to have something that randomly chooses a player WITHOUT having a set number of players.

EDIT: the title describes it

Try this: How to make a voting system (old guide from last forum)

That guide is outdated. I don’t know how it works.

I don’t think it can hold an infinite amount of players. I’m not sure because I get lost every time I try to read it.

Ok So this may not be as much help but click the search bar at the top of the forum and put in voting system, then scroll down and find a post that says Community made guides, and find one that you under stand.

The ones I’ve seen are all for a set amount of players.

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Because there is no way to make it to were it is random, the code uses numbers and that means it needs a certain number to work. I am sorry but that is all that is known on voting systems.

I found a way around the random selector

Find a way to make every player’s name equal to a different variable one by one using distribution (or whatever you want to do.) Give each variable its own trigger that will trigger when the voting ends. There’s counter that tracks a property, then the properties are compared. If one property gets the most votes, it triggers its own trigger with the player name variable in it. Connect that to a relay and make it so if triggering player name equals variable, broadcast message on channel. The only problem is that you’d have to make 60 properties if you want to do the maximum amount of players.

Oh nvm

Maybe we could use the relay get triggering player name block

Bump for my edit question

this block will add a live activity feed item for everyone at the bottom left corner of your screen

in a black rectangle i think

Can you show a screenshot?

why are u blackhole927

this one was made in blocks with “add live activity feed item for everyone - triggering players name.”

no that was a screenshot from his guide lol

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oh wow, i thought he used graydient