When will we be able to add more walls? [RESOLVED]

When will we be able to add more than 2.5K wall memory? I need way more for my game, my map will be huge…


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We currently have no plans to increase the number of walls that can be placed on a map for performance purposes.

I would suggest that you instead only use walls where absolutely necessary (so walls never need to be more than 1 tile thick, you can switch back to floor after).

Alternatively, you can also use the barrier device to create colliders if you run out of walls. Just make sure the Barrier is not visible in-game.


This helped! :slight_smile:

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Well yah that helps but people can see past the wall and then they can just see the endless grass floor which never ends

You can just change what your background is, if you don’t like what it currently is.

you can use a camera limiter or whatever it’s called

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Camera view device