When was the forum created?

I want to know when the forum was created, because I want to know how long the forum had existed before i joined. Thanks!

may 25th, 2023

May 25. 2023. Now please mark a solution.
You joined on the first day.


isn’t this kind of unnecessary or off-topic, since you can just ask that in a chat? ANd it’ may 25th

Personally I think everyone needs to chill out a little bit. Yes this may be off-topic but is it hurting anyone? Its just a harmless question about the Forum itself.


true. I didn’t mean to sound mean, especially since they are new too, I was just saying

No no no. You didn’t come across mean Im just saying this for everyone.

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Thants ok, you didn’t come off as mean.

bruh im not new i joined on the first day

I know I just saw that

I’m slow :skull:

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