When someone passes through a laser, they get more or less cash depending on if they were first or second etc

If someone passes through a laser first, they get 15 cash or something, but if someone else passes through 6th, they only get 9 cash. is this possible?

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Hold on for a second, I’m doing some tests.

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ok thank you!!!

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@ClicClac can you help?

Is the laser passing thing linear?

If so, you could make everytime someone passes through the laser, you could increment a counter to update a property. Then have them grant the amount 15 minus the property value.


Yeah, like that.

How didn’t I think of that?
@LlamaLady22 please mark a solution.

If you wanted to, you could have 13 properties: 1 for the amount of people who already went through the laser (number), and 12 for the different amounts of cash (name must be #cash). When a player hits a laser, increment the player counting property. Go into the item granters block code, and tell it to give the player a custom amount of the item, and set the custom amount to make text [ get property ( amount of people who walked through) cash ]. Then deactivate the laser for that player.



so i would wire a trigger and a counter to the laser, then what would i do?

by the way this discussion might close before you can reply so if it does can you start a new one then mention my name? thx!

could you please show a picture of this would look like? im not good at blocks

this worked thank you!! also thank you everyone else who helped!!!

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