When should i publish my map and off topic

when should i publish it and when i do hsould i put the word beta in the title
and does it counted as WIP if I update it often how would i make a changelog without republishing it and wasting gimbucks

Also i’m not banspeedruner i’m trying to help the community by expanding like gimkit did what do you mean we’re not the rgiht people we can give it a go

Publish it as soon as you can.

As long as it’s ready

Don’t publish a wip though.

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So the thing is about Discovery maps you need to constantly be updating in good ways, that way people will keep coming back. It would be considered a wip because it’s completabe.

A wip is pre 1.0, and an update if after 1.0 version.

why does no one like helping the community and what you mean by we’re not the right people you don’t know that until we try t

  1. Well, do you like it? If you want, you can publish anytime.
  2. Okay. Noted. We don’t need our community to expand.
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well I asked chat GPT and friends and they said legal obligations are invovled if we expanded to 911 helpline so don’t know nor am i certified in that field myself

and what do you mean when you say we’re not the right people for it you don’t know that until you try it out

My advice: Call 911 for your friend, stop the bleeding somehow, stop the off-topic posting to. No need to expand, there are no laws saying these forums need to help. Do you have any more questions about GKC?


uh not what i ment i ment if we were to transform people say social media ain’t helpful or healthy for society My point is while social media makes people lazy if we transformed to mix them and expand we could be helpful

that incident was resolved yestarday i’m sitll mentioneing it so we can expand

Dude. WE DO NOT WANT TO EXPAND! I’m sorry, I get angry easily. Do you have questions about GKC or not?

I know the law didn’t say that what i ment for clairifcaiton is that hteir legal obligations for hosting 911 service line

please stop talking about the law
these forums are for GKC and GKC only

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Well I know no one likes trying new features out i get it well gimkit expanded so we may as well give it a test for one day but that failed why do my ideas keep fialing

Flag Warning!
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Notes: You have been asked to stop.
Time left: 5 minutes.

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Even have the trialer dialogue

It would read like this : Welcome to the forums we now serve 911 services and gimkti creative if you need help just post here but my ideas are fialing why

The timer has been set. You have to stop posting or else you’ll get flagged.

Thank you.

Do you think I should leave the forums for good then becuase anytime i’m active i get flagged