When is the best time to upload a map to gimkit?

whens the best time to upload a map to gimkit

I guess in the middle of the day EST time…

I would say after school or work (5:00 P.M EST)

Most people are only on during school as opposed to only the passionate people who are on after school

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Probably 3pm?

It’s a pretty good time (est)

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9:00 am est on monday is a very good time. However, I have no statistics to prove its the best

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During school when an update drops.

what do you mean a update drops

I think he means for your game

like an update drops for your game

does your game go back on discovery when you update it?

Not sure, maybe. Might have to ask someone else.

it just updates the content in your game. It does not bring it back to the top.

When an update to gimkit comes out like a new season or device!

ooooooooooooooooooooo ok thank u

I would say middle of the day est. I would also recommend doing it a Friday, Monday, or Tuesday. These are school days and they are towards the end of the XP limit week and less people are playing Gimkit 2d modes trying to get XP and more are playing discovery.

I’d say around 11am-1pm on a rainy day because that’s when kids have recess in school, meaning they will probably be playing games like GIMKIT if they have the devices and even better is when you upload it on an update like Zane said. And since it will be rainy, it will most likely be indoor recess. Don’t forget to mark a solution!

There’s really no best time when uploading your map.
If its plays your looking for, a map based of another video game, other video game thumbnails, and a catching titles often get the most plays.

wow, very specific.

Like, when GKC Updates

yea 3pm is good time