When I try to move the layers up or down, it freezes my screen

When I do this, I try to refresh or exit and go back to gimkit, it deletes my work
Please help

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This is probably because you have so many layers that your device can’t handle shifting layers up and down and just freezes/crashes, it happens to me too, I think your best bet is to get as far away as the thing you want to adjust layers (because you can only change layers in a certain distance around you), so once you are as far away as possible from the prop/device but the prop/device name is still in your layers screen, try moving it. If it still doesn’t work, I don’t know if it ever will.


This happens to me, but never to the point of freezing the screen. The best way to change layers is to set the camera to max zoom, and walk up to the things that you need to change.


Oh okay. Thanks for the info. Might try it out later

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