When i answer a question it doesnt grant me the item even though i connected them

its not letting me reply to anymore messages because its my first day on here so sorry getrithekd for the trouble

Did you select the right options in the wires?

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yes i did and it still doesnt show up

Did you put the number in the item granter? If you did, can you show all your settings?

i have it set to 1 and it still doesnt work ill screenshot the settings

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Does the questioner transmit on Keycard when the player gets the question right?

yes it is set to when they get it right im going to check if it somehow gives me the item when i get it wrong

Do you have an Inventory Item Manager that sets a limit on the amount of keycards you can have?

it doesnt give me the item even if i do both

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i do not have an inventory item manager

Ok. I would move this to bugs because I have no clue on what’s going on. Just one last thing… Can you take a screenshot of the questioner settings?

sure i will take a screenshot

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which section of the questioner settings do u want me to screenshot

The ones that you changed.

Have you tried just starting over? With the system?

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