When all players on a team muerte the game ends

ok so it did not work and is need a simpler way to do it and I have it set up so if a player on team 2 gets hit then they go to spectator and I want it so when all
of team 2 is a spectator the game ends.

if you have two different spawns
use a trigger and a counter to count the players on each team then when one of them is knocked out, decrement the counter. finally, once the counter reaches its target of 0, the game ends.

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i know its a lot but can you get a pic of that

sure i could try but maybe around 11:35?

ok but would i need a knockout manger

no also
you would require a property for that
also i ran out of replies
ill make a guide for it later
i cant do it in now im in school but i will do it as fast as i can
what do you mean?
im working on the guide rn
the guide has been posted in community guides

and i would like a display on the screen of how many players are left on that team

ok so i dont get this

but i just pulblushed this map and need to fix this soon in the next hour

what is your time range

what is your time range for this

how long will this take i need it in half an hour

so howlong will it take

and where are you putting the guide

Can you please make a MUCH shorter title next time? Thanks! :+1:

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@nolan I am glad that you are excited about gimkit creative, and it is nice that you are learning on the community forums. But pls don’t post a help topic every time you need help. Do your research:

-try out your own ideas
open a creative game and see what you can do!
-check the community guides
see if there are any guides on the topic you are looking for
-search up old help topics
See if anyone encountered similar problems, and see what helped them.


Are you spanish? whats with the title lol