Whats the sever lifetime warning?

a notification popped up rn saying smth i dont understand

It means that your game was existing for too long and will need to be refreshed

Because you can’t host a map for forever the servers don’t work like that

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@Beluga_Whale also pls mark a solution

so i just have to reload?

Sure that will work

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No you gotta re host the map

ok ty @Cellofive and @THEHACKER120

Also remember to search before you post, @Beluga_Whale

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it’s probs 15 minutes when off the tab.

ok thank you all, ima just grind dld
code posted on cringekarl’s wix

it’s a total of 1 hour actually

Server lifetime is a thing in Gimkit Creative where if you spend too long on the editor map (or testing your game), then you’ll get a notification saying that you will be disconnected shortly.

If this happens, rehost the map again. Then everything will be fine, and you can go back to where you were.

Some Context

The server limit in Gimkit Creative is an hour.

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That’s only for official gamemodes. You can host a creative map for longer than that. Gimkit just can’t guarantee a server lifetime of over 1 hour.

Really? I worked on my map and after an hour it sent me the notification.

It’s variable after an hour. Like I said, the maximum guaranteed time is 1 hour.

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