Whats the difference between Wires and Channels?

I mean, They basically do the same function and I always thought that channels are just less messy wires, but is there a difference on how to use them?

Not really, but a channel can act as multiple wires

They are easier to manage

Wires are generally for quick and easy situations- just quickly connecting two devices. Channels are used because they can interact with block code, and you have a bit more control over them than channels. Also, as @Coral mentioned, there isn’t a limit on how many things can recive on a channel, while only 8 outgoing wires can be placed per device.


Aren’t there also some niche cases where you can’t use one or the other, due to only one way having the option?

There are, but I don’t know any off the top of my head.
I believe josh said he was gonna fix that eventually as well.

Sentries work best with wires.

some things channels can’t do, only wires can, like when a counter reaches its target

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