What's a good beginner project for a beginner? (me: shinyrowlet)

After my story with somebody deleting my hard-work on my first map, I want to start out small so it won’t hurt me as much if something does happen to it for some reason.

Start out with a battle royale. It’s a simple concept that you can expand on, which encourages creativity. Think of genre or theme you like and incorporate it into the battle royale.

Can you give me some resources please?

Or the battle-royale tag

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Okay, thanks. I’m just so sad about the Among Us map :frowning:

It sucks that someone went and deleted everything. I’m planning to contact CringeKarl about a possible solution I thought of. But don’t let that one user discourage you, just keep making a map you enjoy!

Out of all of them in there which should I use, because they’re all about the same thing.

Has this happened before? Just wondering.

Yes, but we haven’t done anything since it isn’t a reoccurring issue. Anyway, you should use the safe zone ones and pick one general battle royale of your choice. Look at the optional ones if you want to add something.

Okay, luckily I didn’t get far in the project, I had done like 2 tasks, emergency meeting, and walls. To me it seems like a lot because I’m new, but to you guys if you would’ve seen you probably would be like what are you complaining about?!

can’t you just kick people from your games tho?

The griefer could do it in a part of the map where the host isnt working.

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I didn’t know they were doing it. I was in a part and looking at the forum at new stuff waiting for someone who wants to help and then I go to check if anyone joined I see all my devices and props gone! And what makes it worse is that there were two people and one (idk who) had put that it wasn’t him. So I don’t even know who it was!

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