What would you like to see?

please elaborate on “uh oh”

Press the j/k key.

what’s the purpose of that

If you’re too lazy to use your mouse to scroll you can use your keyboard ig

Oh, makes sense. Thanks!

Credits to Lxmas as he found that out on the official discourse forum

Yes. I saw too.

What do you mean?

There’s an official forum made by Discourse (this forum’s platform) where you can ask questions about discourse itself.

If you have a Discourse account is it compatible with every Discourse?


So for every forum you have to make another account?

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Sounds about right

The idea is that discorse is a software people can use to make their own forums. Therefore, this account im on is a gimkit forums account, which is different from a completely seperate Minecraft forum, which can look totally different.

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that’s cool. might use it

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