What would you guys want me to do?

I would like some ideas of tutorials I will try to make. If you could give me an idea that would be great

what kind of tutorials are you thinking of?

Just like art tutorials or simple-ish technical tutorials

I need land, sea and air vehicles

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oh, for art you can do one for a basketball court. for tech, you do one for {prop destroyed, hide barrier} or something like that.

I have already done a basketball court. For the other one… good idea!

That’s what you asked @Blackfox45666 ! I can do that tho

I can help with the tech, I mean, it is simple and doesn’t take up a lot memory

yeah… I’m already working on it. I am putting a slight twist tho so it will be kinda cool

didn’t you already asked @Blackfox45666 that?

That’s what i said @margimkitcreator

oh my bad @lonewolf0230 sorry that i copyed you

na you’re good @margimkitcreator

yes I did. I like peoples pov on vehicles because they have such a wide range of creativity!

Make a chess tutorial :grin:. Try it!

for art you can do a black cat, that is some thing I want to see in the gimkit world for a long time now

I am back, what did I miss?