What would be the best way to make compact wire repeater clocks?

I know that there are several different ways you can do them, but I just want to see what would be the best way to make one in terms of compactness, efficiency, and effect… Also hey guys I’m back after a while, and I was just working on my GB-2.5 (GabrielisAwake’s Binary ver. 2.5) calculator, and I wanted to go back to the forum!

I know you haven’t been here in a while, but please refrain from posting off-topic.

Yes, sorry, I completely understand, I just gotta get used to posting on the forum again, cause it’s been a few months, but I completely agree with you and I realize it’s my bad. But do you know any ways I could make a really good wire repeater clock? I have tried using triggers in it, but I just can’t find the perfect solution.

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The only good ones include recursive triggers.

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Thank you, this really helped me! I’ve been just using triggers then wire repeaters, but now I know I can just use triggers!

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