What would be some good mechanics for my ¨in the dark¨ map?

so far im gonna add a raw mini map system(which i need help on since its gonna be a large scale map), pve health ( pseudo health) and im gonna add waypoints and maybe a large scale coordinate system (which i also need help on since it would require a lot of zones and there is a limit to that) to help the player determine where they are and i need more ideas for mechanics

Maybe if you have different types of areas, like a snowy area you could add hazards exclusive to that area

Not a me question, sorry.

the map is gonna be completely dark which is why i said im gonna add somethings to help the player navigate and some of the systems need to be shortened in order decrease memory usage and avoid the device limit and i have no idea how to do that

You could use a barrier to cover the map and set the collision to none, remove line, and edit the transparency to change the darkness. I use this in my Among Us Electrical Sabotage

yep thats what im doing bud

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You could create a map using pixel art on a game overlay.

oooooo a map completely made out of pixel art not too sure if im up for the challenge but that seems awesome! i hope some makes it!

Maybe shifting rooms in a dark fog ( Idk how to make the rooms shift tbh, but the fog I do)

If you need it to track someone, You could use zones.

exactly what im doing it just needs to be more accurate but the zone limit ARRGHHHHH

i could add that in my castle map shifting rooms sounds awesome but tedious as seeing it can only be done more simply with stone wall barriers

use pseudo-zones (lasers around the edges and corners) or triggers

laser zones sounds like an intensive memory hog so i guess i´ll try triggers? but is there a trigger limit?

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I believe there is, I don’t use triggers

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No trigger limit, and laser zones are more customizable than regular zones. Also, going down the line of triggers opens up a whole can of worms. If you want a square zone, use regular zones. If you want different zones, use laser zones.


mk good to know thanks @getrithekd i´ll mark a solution now

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There’s a limit!?!?!?

For lasers and zones.
Triggers don’t have a limit until you run out of memory (remembered it cause wingwave tested it)