What type of team setup should I do next?

what type of team setup should I have
  • Co-op
  • Teams
  • free for all
  • Other (state in comments)
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Sorry if the title is confusing. I don’t know the term for what I’m asking

What’s the map about?

What kind of map is it?

What’s the game? Also, why couldn’t you have just spun a wheel?

What is the goal of the map?

No clue yet, I just want to start from here on this

Then free for all in my opinion brings competition into it.

Ya’ll know i’m a teamer :sweat_smile:

Yeah I agree Free for all is fun but also teams as well

I’d recommand getting a spiny wheel, and spinning it toget inspiration. Or just randomly playing the Discovery, it gives inspiration sometimes.

Co-op because then nobody loses…

(who am I kidding: FREE FOR ALLLLLLL)

Thanks everyone! Free for all is winning and the basic draft of my idea works with it.

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