What to do to copy kit link on creative

Please help my map is published alredy.

Go to the gear icon in the corner

Then click showcase and save

And copy the link of your game.

Have you figured it out yet? I’m a new Gimkit publisher and that’s my own question.

You can save your changes for free on publish

You have to click the gear icon and then click showcase and save the first screen you see should have a link on it if you copy that you will have the link for your game.

if your game is a published game then then the kit players use is not the one that you put in your game.

Do you mean put a Kit link into a Questioner?

Make or go to the kit - copy the link at the top. It should be something like "gimkit.com /view/ some random stuff. Copy that link and paste it into a Questioner back in Creative.

Also, that kit won’t be for other players because of the “use your own kit” feature. Sorry. If you’re playing this with friends through the showcase link, that kit will be used.

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