What should my shrine be of

  • banana
  • sentry (chopmz)
  • anvil
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A bit gauge of what for, but good PFP! Banana

banana… banana… banana… also thank you!!!

Not even joking.

It should be of MrBeast

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room of ghost anvils!!!

Put a stone pillar with a Item Image of a banana on top. Do it as many times as you want. (The world shall always need another banana.)

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A sidewalk bc if u think about it they really help u


Welcome to the forums @Bodagoat! Please be sure to read the Community Guidelines! If you need anything, specifically Thumbnails, room ideas, art, or help, feel free to ping me at @Artemis! This goes for anyone. Anyway, I hope the banana wins. Its super random, like life!

(I’m gonna make a possible picture of the banana shrine because… why not?)

you pfp gets a lot of compliments make shrine to grown-up sheldon

you should make it a broken pillar, it might look better. or maybe put a color- tinted plate on the pillar. could work.



Ba Na naaaaaaaaa

banananan! i like banananana
i need to the finished results lmao

Banana in a cursed shrine? How bad could it be? After all, it is for a banana.

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