What should I use to decorate my cave?

Pretty much what the title says. I did look at other guides, but I felt like the decorations weren’t good for my cave. Here is a screenshot of some of it:

Add vines, maybe some ancient runes…

It really all just depends on what kind of ambience you want.

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Ok. What do you recommend using for the vines?
Also, I’d like kind of a caveman theme. (Very ancient times)

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Alien Plants, Groundbreaking vines… You could even use barriers!

Maybe add some caveman paintings on the walls…


put a dark barrier over everything, so it seems, y’know, dark like inside a cave. add some cave paintings of animals and stuff too.

@C-C jinx lol


muffled screaming [1]

  1. you’ve cursed me… I can no longer talk… I have to go anyway lol- ↩︎


Try to make it so the cave isn’t as squarey.

Also, did coral ponds exist in caves back then? I didn’t know that.


It’s just something that I decided to add since I didn’t have anything else at the time. :grin:

C-C C-C C-C (u can talk now your welcome)

@Sus_the_Hamster add nature



Thanks bruh.

so @Sus_the_Hamster , what kind of game is it?

an exploration game, a horror game… If We know what it is we can help more.

Like if its a horror game you could add some secret monsters, if its a exploration game you could add a few secret details that’ll help the player explore…


What if you have some sort of a secret exit somewhere which leads to your food/treasure stockpile

Ok, I’ll tell you the game if you promise not to copy or anything like that.
You won’t?
Alright. Here it is:
The game is called quantum leap. Basically, a scientist makes a time machine, and you are the lucky tester. You travel back in time through multiple eras, but at some point, something goes wrong, and you start travelling to random times.
I haven’t decided on an end, but that’s what I currently have!

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Alright. I added some gray barriers to make it less squarey like egg said. How does it look so far?

(I will add some nature next)

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That’s an amazing idea!

The map looks amazing as well, it’ll definetly be fun to play when it’s done.

So what i think you could do is maybe add some parts of the time machine (perhaps broken?) that will be scattered around the map, maybe add some hints of other time travelers, there are a lot of things you could do with it!

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Thanks! What would you recommend using to actually make the time machine? I was thinking metal parts (so that I can scatter some space trash around the map).

Alright! Here is the (most likely) final product!

photos of the coolest guy ever which is me

Huh? How is this supporting the discussion?

scratch wants photos of them in the cave

So, what you’re saying is that @SCRATCH wants photos of them in the cave that I made?