What should I use instead of a Repeater?

I’m making it run the task every second.

also might want to put this in help

maybe don’t ping me when you that?
shouldn’t you reply to the creator?

sorry i replied to the wrong one

Use a trigger. It says in this guide

it’s fine next time
I just came back and I had a ton sorry if I sounded mean

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please don’t copy answers

I didn’t. I saw your thing but you didn’t say what device to use

@joe if you’ve found your answer mark a solution.
also make sure that you search the forums before you make a post, it causes clutter.

It says to use a trigger in the guide as you already know

ok, but I didn’t intentionally copy it. (If this sounds rude, I mean respectfully)

don’t argue please.

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Like @gim_guy said please don’t argue. Also @joe please mark a solution if you found one. Otherwise it creates more clutter.

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@gim_guy and @FusionLord At this point, I feel like people read one word of the messages on the forum, and then type something. Please read before posting.

I read that, i just don’t want it to become a full blown agruement.

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Same here

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