What should I use for a Pokémon house outside

So I’ve designed a lot of houses for my pokemon and I wondering, should I use the base grass background like this,

Or should I do it like this,

  • Grass
  • Empty Space
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Use the first image since it blends better.

Thanks, BTW I just realized I probably should have added a poll so that’s what I just did.

In Celadon (assuming this is Kanto) doesn’t this one guy have a lake, in Celadon city, you should make it feel more like an apartment

It’s supposed to be the start of the game and my main question was whether or not you should be able to see outside. Sorry for not clarifying.

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I think not, in real Kanto, when you start, you Can only see in the house, it would be more Pokemon like in my opinion, good luck in your Pokemon game!

I’m going to edit the image so the whole outside is completely done.

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do you know how in the farmchain lab, the camera fixates to the lab and only the lab? you could use a camera view device.

Closing this since it was just a poll.

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