What should I use as a Thumbnail?

Vote for a thumbnail




I’m winning! let’s go! :smiley:

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yea me as the poster i really like yours @bob6000 its my favorite

whoah! these look great!

Ye very cool thumbnails!

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I’m closing the poll everybody!

winner is @bob6000!
Thanks @bob6000 for the thumbnail but can i use it?

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Yes, just make sure to credit me!

i have a question @bob6000 you know on your thumbnail the terrain in grass can you try to make it the stone terrain

could you show me an image of the stone terrain? I would need reference.
Would this be the terrain for the foreground and background?

Do you want me to make one…?

yes pls!
but can it be hand drawn like @bob6000 @I_Like_Props

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ofc :slight_smile:

so @I_Like_Props im not going to be online for the next like 5 hours im going to dinner with family!

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hey @I_Like_Props are you done yet? :grinning:

Give me a min


@I_Like_Props are you done! :grinning:

gosh im sorry, my computer restarted and I was using kleiki so I lost all of my work. I’ll get it to you by tmr, DEFINITELY.

i would cry

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