What should I put in this area?

The side is for the team that needs to attack the bridge and get to the other side

Any ideas

Can you give me a screenshot???
Raft or debris you can walk on with planks
Make a teleporter make you in a sewer which leads under the river
That all I got

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This is the area, i need help Im stumped

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oh that map, I helped with it a little. try to put barriers with vines on it or something.

Oh ok, do you want to get on with me

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wait lemme make something so you can share the code.

are you sending it or whatever?


maybe add some trees and bushes on fire like its a battle field and add like swords and swords in the ground spears and shields and stuff like that

Ok will might try that too, we’ll see

Only for people who want help in their maps pls nothing else.

does it work?

sure I sent the request

did you type it in? its a google docs.

I sent the request, just need you to answer it

I’m sorry wut do you mean by request?

hurry up, before many people

are you in?

You here?