What should I name my new map?

This is a map where 2 teams are going head to head to try to steal one another’s cash. The goal is to have the most cash at the end of the game. There are four items that help the teams do just that.
-Evil Eye (Combat)
-Pickaxe (Mining)
-Dynamic Diamond (Blocking)
-Flag of Empowering (Power/Speed buffs)
There are also two vaults, real and fake, that can also help with stealing cash.

If possible, I’d appreciate some help naming my map. Thanks!

Maybe Cash Conquest?

Moolah Quest?

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How about

  • Vault Wars
  • Cash Battles
  • Dynamic Warzone
  • Empowering Emnity (I used a thesaurus)

Those are good ideas! Thank you guys!

Battle of the Banks

Maybe: Deal!

Smart Investment?

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A Thief’s Tale
tigrirose has some good names!

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@Kosm0-o Thank you so much! I like your name idea too! @WarriorYeet100, if you found one you like, mark a solution.

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@TigriRose & @Zvstheworld, thank you for your ideas!