What should i make for props the skeld map from among us but in gimkit creative with work in tasks

HELP i need tips for a map for among us but in gimkit :C

There is a tag for posts called ‘among-us’.
Look there.

i made a remake of dropship, so i’ll go ahead and give a picture. hopefully it can inspire you

i used white water for the jets
its not that good, but maybe it can help you


Please remove the tag forum-tips, which is used for people who are new to the forum and need something to look at so that they know what to do. This topic would not fall under that tag.

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heres some rooms for the ship

how do you get rid of that

Press the little pencil next to your title, then you can remove it.

did it,thanks!! also i need help with tasks too,do you know how??

you could try using the questioner and make tasks
of course, you couldn’t make a specific place have a specific task

You can use anything in the among-us tag.

thanks! i’ll send you links to the map once it’s done

here’s more photos from the map

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