What Should I Make For My Next Keep Away Map?

What Should I Make For My 5th Keep Away Map?
I already have

  1. Deserted Island

  1. Castle

  1. Plant-Infested Planet

  1. Labyrinth.

What Do You Think I Should Add Next?

Jungle, Future, Ocean, space.

How would I add jungle? First of all, you wouldn’t be able to tell, bc gimkit is not 3d, and second, there is NO jungle terrain. But I kinda like the future and ocean. I already have 1 in space, the planet.

ok then, have fun! Plus bro I know u from the wix

nice btw I really need to update my Profile Picture XD

space like @CassiusDoomlorde said

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I already have one The planet

You should make a western/cowboy map.

I’ll Add That To The Poll

Maybe a spaceship, too.


also spoilers, the next map I am going to make is a tag: infection game. I am 99% sure I am going to make it.

Probably a farm themed map.

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I’ll add that to the poll