What should I make for my last map slot?

I have an RPG already and a Rythem game… I just need 1 more

What about a cozy game? Like a tycoon or a clicker.

challenge yourself. maybe make a board game-type map

Could be… I just don’t really need one I have a calm RPG

That sounds fun @Coolcaden26

i might be super late on this, but welcome to the forums!

You are a bit late :grin:


A horror game would be cool

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Yeah, but I get scared VERY easily so… i could probably scare myself (Not joking)

A horror game that does not have the jumpscares

So just very creepy? adds idea into txt file

Um, maybe search up some ideas?
There are idea catalogs.

it would be a horror game that focuses more on the ambiance than actual characters

Oh yeah :person_facepalming: I forgot

And yes I did add the creepy (non-jumpscare) idea to the file

Maybe make a escape room, there are not many of those on gimkit creative, you can use tinted barriers without collison on for ambience, and you could get rid of all music, that can make a game more creepy. Liminal spaces are also great for ambience.