What Should I Make A Guide For?

I need help deciding what I should make a guide about. Post in the comments your ideas. I will give you credit if I do make them

weeeeellll… this sort of topic is considered about the forums…so its not really allowed, according to the rules. so you might wanna think up your own ideas, bud.

  1. How to create custom images and graphics for your Gimkit themes
  2. Tips for designing unique and engaging Gimkit avatars
  3. Strategies for using Gimkit to promote creativity and innovation in the classroom
  4. A guide to using Gimkit to teach digital design skills
  5. How to use Gimkit to create interactive and immersive learning experiences
  6. Tips for incorporating storytelling into your Gimkit games
  7. A guide to using Gimkit to teach coding and programming concepts
  8. Strategies for using Gimkit to teach visual arts and design principles
  9. How to use Gimkit to create collaborative and team-based learning experiences
  10. Tips for using Gimkit to promote student creativity and self-expression.

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