What should I fill my lobby with?

I know this is like my third one.

But hear me out, I’m probably not gonna make a community made guide in a long time. Maybe I’ll do one soon, so look out for that, but…

I need help with my lobby. I don’t know what to add. I just want a few ideas, and close this.

I have a military briefing room, armory, and a few hallways. Any ideas on what I can fill them with?

I also don’t want too much in a room, as it will feel crowded and overpopulated with props.


The armor stands(both empty and full), sand buckets, water barrels, maybe some emberwall stuff? (Medieval stuff?) @Txme_Lxss

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I gtg, help later

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That sounds nice. Some armor.

Maybe I’ll add item spawners but they are covered by invisible barriers, so you can’t pick them up, as there is no way to show them without them being picked up or shown.

Maybe I’ll just do a emoji. But I think the item spawner would be better.

that’s a good idea! gtg now

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I have a room idea (Garden with waterfall How to make a waterfall! [3/10] and some plants)
But maybe:

  1. in the armory add an anvil.
  2. Maybe some barrels
  3. some bookshelves in the briefing room
  4. Shields on the walls or stacked
    6.Maybe some codex that are open
    7.Maybe add a fireplace
    8.Ink and pen in the briefing room
    9.Banners in the hallways
    (More room for thought)
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For the briefing room, I think I should have a big table, with chairs, papers scattered, and more military like stuff.

I’ll keep thinking and waiting for responses. Any ideas to improve on that? Tell me.

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You could also add some command tables, and filing cabinets.

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Sounds good!

Eh, I probably might not use the waterfall, as I’m in the middle of like a bunker like almost, but any ideas for the hallways? I don’t know what to add. They’re 3-4 tiles wide.

I could keep it blank though, but I feel like I need something there.


Banners, armor stands, lanterns, maybe shields on the wall

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I only agree with armor stands, but I think I’ll close this in like in a hour and a half. so 1:30 mins.

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What type of theme are you going for?

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That’s a good idea, shields.

I wanna make it so they can like carry a shield, but that won’t really work. Maybe I’ll make it so they have the ability to plate back up shield. 25 a pop.

I’ll probably do that with everyone.

Speaking of shields, maybe I can do a shielder. His main goal will be to protect the V.I.P with close quarter gadgets. Cause the game is about protecting the V.I.P

@SAD Military like.

Ok, but like medieval style, or like present day style, or both?

You could also add some gas tanks or barrels in the hallways.

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Present day.

Closing now! Thank you sad and crimson knight. And Blizzy!

No problem!

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