What should I do for the new map i'm making?

It is a survival map and I want to put a story line into it. I have no idea what kind of story line I want yet.

So first there is a plane crash on a deserted island, and you have to go fishing, get wood, maybe get trash from the ocean, and you can make it so you can sail away on a raft. This is kinda like the game raft. Anyways there are other islands (deserted of course) that you can go to, and collect resources from. And then eventually, you find a city, and get home safely.


I can help make lore, I just need to know the cause of why or how [PLAYER] Got stuck there.

Like what got them stuck, Example: A plane crash, Boat sunk
Those kind of things

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Make it about getting stuck in a pyramid

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how about an interesting sci-fi :
you wake up from a coma and all other humans are gone
post-apocalyptic world
everything is broken down
you must find new intriguing ways to survive (lower radiation, find edibles, dilute water, get steady supply of oxygen)


The idea is that the player has no idea how he got there. also, I don’t have a good idea for how he got there.

Well I would think eventually {PLAYER} would learn how they got there. Right?

yeah that is the idea, but he finds the thing he got there on in a cave with a hole in the roof and it takes him bit to explore until he remembers.

So you start in a cave?

no you start in a clearing with no grass.

I’m a little slow mb

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then you open a cave and find the thing you got there with.

Oh ok I understand now. I only read like 2 replies mb.

Any ideas on what the player got to the place on?

A boat.(I know a cool way to make the boat look wrecked)

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it is supposed to have crashed into a cave.

well maybe the boat was going so fast that it flew onto land and then started to slide into a cave while the player fell into a field.

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That is actually a very good idea, thanks.

Ok. I can work with that.
Give me a few minutes.


[March 8th, 2024; 2:33 PM]
It was a normal day, taking a ride in the boat; Sky was clear, no clouds were in sight…Water was smooth and you could see for miles…The boat was going a constant speed, yet It felt as if it was going as fast as a speeding jet…No one could have predicted what came next. (Put something bad happening to boat here in cutscene or animation)… The boat took a fatal hit and exploded the engine, causing a massive explosion due to fuel for the motor, You loose all memory of what caused you to crash, yet you WILL find out. You will make it off this island…Welcome…to [Game Name]. (Game then begins, make sure the character has dialogue so that it seems like he has no memory of how he got on this island)

Lore for island

(This is for later in the game once you figure out that you crashed)…The island that you have landed on seems to be corrupt, bad things always happening at each corner…Everywhere you go you feel as if something is watching you; from a distance…always out of sight…You read an ancient scroll which tells you that you are NOT alone on this island, your suspicions were correct. You have a distinct feeling that this so called ‘monster’ is what caused your boat to crash. You do not know however if this creature is hostile or peaceful. (End)