What should i add to my zombie map?

heggo my fellow egg citizens,

what should I add to my zombie map?

I have got a safe house

and a gave yard

what should I add?

Im gonna add a farm area and a water well, kinda like farming chain

The safe house’s area looks a bit spaced-out. I suggest adding tables and chairs around the room so it doesn’t look so empty. Stools would be cool, too.


Things todo

  • Add some tables to the safe house
  • Add some names on the graves (for detail and Easter eggs)
  • add a skull sentry to the graveyard

Text on the graves would be cool, too. Maybe some easter eggs that way. Put down some names of people that stand out to you.

thanks for your addition, and I will add your name to one of the grave stones.

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hey @wingwave what should the grave stone say? I have R.I.P wingwave what should the death message be?

wdym death message

like a quote?

like a final quote

Maybe for the grave yard, add like a skull sentry?

sure! I just have to make it so it cant attack

oh ok

lemme think

I added it to a to-do list here

Uhm…did ya want me to edit it, or just reply under it?

naw, I already got it.

“Hey… You guys wanna see a dead body?”

if thats inappropriate tell me

lol i ran outa likes…-_-

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Hmmmm maybe make it look like an abandoned dining area? Floating candles? Idk…does that make it sound like an abandoned house? Like is it SUPPOSED to be one?

that’s fine, and its funny too what year should I put the quote in?

for example:

“hey, is that a nuke, or am I imagining?” -2024

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its a safe house where the players spawn in.

Uhm nuke is a bit over…… :dotted_line_face: