What should I add to my RNG type game?

I’m working on a RNG called Golden Luck.
it is about to get released, and I’m just adding some last minute touches before it does.
what should I add? so far I have

  • RNG Tables

  • Lobby, Map, Npc’s

  • Luck Tiers (1, 2, and 3)

  • 10+ Titles

  • Random Money Stashes Across The Map

Remember that the goal is to have the most money out of everyone else. you need 10,000 - 1,000,000$ for special rolls, and 10$ for normal rolls. what’s next?

I meant to say 30+ titles

You can try adding upgrades! Hope this helps!

could I have some more info, like what you want in it? (I’m not understanding the question for some reson)

They’re asking what they could add into their game.

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Oooh, ooh, ooh, me, me, me, me! sorry lmao If you’ve made classes or presets already (which I heavily suggest that if you haven’t), try and make a builder class. It has a pickaxe, some blocks, and maybe a blaster. Idk really, but I think this sounds good.

side quest!
power-ups to get better random numbers (ig)?
add decorations! (good ones not lousy ones)