What should I add to my game?

I need suggestions and I don’t know what missions to add. (mission = quest), btw this game is a lot like one way out, but it has custom classes.

Catch the legendary GimFish and sell it to a merchant; feel free to workshop it!

ok btw this game is 1wo style

what is 1wo style?

it looks alot like the one way out gimkit gamemode (1wo = one way out) some people also call it
owo style

ohhhh okay that makes sense

You could make a sea of space and catch the galaxy fish

ok, also is it ok if i put you in the credits of the game? (special thanks)

That would be great! :grin:

what should i call you?

My username would work, also use this to help you Loot Tables! (Fishing System like Fishtopia) | TUTORIAL | Difficulty : 🟧(Old Forum Repost) - #8 by Pickle-Person

thank you for the help!

no problem, I’m glad I could help!