What should i add in my horror map

Just tell me what i should add.

Maybe prop spiders, and pumpkins. With dark scraps for floors and walls.

oooohhh a horror map well for starters get a barrier change its color black make its transparency 0.50 and no collision to make the mechanics in the game still work and make it as large as the map you r creating then add spooky props and ask prop art makers like coffee or wolf tech for those spooky props

the barrier just adds darkness to your game

make like a fog thing every where

i already did that just telling you

yeahhh u could make a bush white and use that as fog

ok thanks for telling me

and make sprint buttons appear during a chase in with a teleporting sentry

i could help you with this map just message me on wix

im in it cuz its seems fun and it got my brain up and running again

2 secends ago you said your brain was practicly dead!

what can i say horror stuff gets me going lol…

maybe a collectible that could help you defeat whatever scary thing you have in your game but can only be used if you have a different item

Have an intro scene.

make ghosts and jumpscares

Add torches (animation?) and lots of hallways.

When you’re done, remember to mark a solution!

I have an idea!

Add Freddy Fazbear (Just Kidding)

I think what you should actually add is a big bad threat. Like for example a murderer. My favorite example of which is Springtrap/William Afton/Purple Guy from Fnaf. The only reason I like Purple Guy is he is pretty mysterious in Fnaf 1 - Fnaf 2, but is pretty prominent in Fnaf 3, being the big bad. So make the scary guy that you don’t know, who is mysterious in the beginning, but you know more and more about them when the game goes on. At the end, you know about all the things he has done.

Another thing that you should do is have parts where you hide from the killer, and choose from a right or wrong hiding spot while the player has doubts whether they’ll survive or not.

I hope you’ll use these, and I realized that you uploaded this over 2 months ago but on the off chance you read this, please use this.

actually you shouldn’t do that “for starters”. Its annoying every time you click on something you click on a barrier
(edit: sorry I didn’t realise this topic was from 2023 WHO NECROPOSTED)

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