What should I add in my Escape Room 2.2

What should I add in my Escape Room 2.2

What do you have already?

Add distractions, I don’t care what, but all they do is waste time.

a small mase

how do i do that

You could add a puzzle where you hide numbers across the map and then you have to put the numbers in a code.

can you explain what to do

but how do I do that

Put numbers in a specific order across the maze. The player(s) have to find them and then put them in a code to gain access to a room.

do you have a link to that to do that

What do you mean?
Are you asking if I have pictures?

yeah or a link like this

Something kind of like this:


i see how i can do that

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You can also use zones too.


is there a way that you could help me build it?

I have an idea first, make the trigger invisible when the game starts. Then get a prop, Finally hide the trigger underneath it, make sure to test to see if you can step on it.

Lemme know if you want me to give you more ideas ( I’d be happy to help.)

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this is what i’m talking about should look like


That also looks good.

thanks I just went to one of my games bc I don’t have season pass.

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